There will be a wide range of fictional books shared by Julie. However, the mission and focus of the TuitionJS4D is to,

Offer a Digital Review of books, a Guide to Families: 

considering Social Health and Welfare Awareness, and languages, empowering choices for all generations.

The Website may be of interest to Carers, Guardians, Parents, and Children, maybe even teachers and tutors who like to think about words and want to know more about the intention of literature. Maybe you intend to Write a Book in the future? This site is all about sharing thoughts and ideas, and offers an ideology.


The books discussed are not an endorsement, but purely a result of enjoyment through research.  Maybe, a book will be revealed that didn’t entertain! It will depend whether there is anything to learn by reading it.

 My mum would often say that I read too much into a story, and should only see it for what it is, a plot. However, I would debate that reading is a subjective treat, and individual interpretation often helps the reader to form an opinion that formulates the reflective independent self.

Everyone has an opinion: whether it is right or wrong as a collective can only be learned through the act of communication.

We will only know if we read and speak for ourselves.

Words are wonderful, use them wisely.


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